Sweet Cannabis, an industry leader in cannabis growing and concentrate extraction, is a team of dedicated professionals and experts who are focused on the development and manufacturing of premium quality, safe, reliable and consistent cannabis products.


Sweet Cannabis is locally based and proud of it. We work with only the best local farmers to source the finest, pesticide free cannabis plants to ensure that our products continue to meet the high standards of our customers.

Clean & Safe

Sweet Cannabis uses the most stringent standards of processing and production to deliver the safest, cleanest, most reliable, quality cannabis products on the market.

People First

Our commitment to people is reflected in the quality products we deliver. Always putting people first means we always ensure we place a priority on both our employees and our customers. We believe it’s the backbone to any successful company.

Our Employees

We support and encourage individual lifestyle choices, work- balance, flexibility, and family. We believe in taking care of the well-being and happiness of our staff. Happy employees are motivated employees doing their best work, paying close attention to detail and maintaining nothing but the highest of standards.

Our Customers

Happy Employees = Happy Customers. Sweet Cannabis and its employees strive to offer nothing but the best for our customers, producing the safest, highest quality cannabis products possible that improve the health and lifestyle of our customers.